Genesis Mining Review for Bitcoin Cloud Mining along with payout proof and earning chart

Genesis Mining Review for Bitcoin Cloud Mining along with payout proof and earning chart

Genesis Mining Review

Today I am going to explain you all regarding my experience with Genesis Mining cloud bitcoin mining program and what I think about it. I am also among one of you who had been very skeptical about joining and putting in some investment and having the sense of fear or doubtfulness of not getting anything ¬†back and finally feel cheated. I Tried to look for resources here and there on internet but haven’t found anything much concrete so kept on ignoring this method for quiet some time.

So in general, still keeping the thought but not doing anything went for a party with one of my friend one day and realizing next morning that I had spent around 40 Dollars, decided to give it a go. I had subscribed for the basic plan of unlimited bitcoin mining costing around 19 USD that time and since then it’s been around 6 months. I can say my experience is not bad and I am getting bitcoins sent in regular intervals. Though I see sometime that the transfer is a bit irregular but I can understand it is mostly because of the Bitcoin volatility prices. Also Genesis has a fixed volume of bitcoins which they can sent because even transaction process needs few bitcoins.


Bitcoin Mining Summary:

I did my first purchase in the month of June 2016 and this was bitcoin mining lifetime contract and since then I am getting bitcoins in regular intervals. It’s not a very high return which I received but I believe 7 USD back against investment of 19 USD is not a bad deal within span of 5 months and if this would keep going then surely in some time I will achieve my ROI and eventually it could be profitable if all goes well. Not this is certainly not the thing which i expected since initially I thought it would be not benefiting and I may not mind losing 19 USD just to try and experience stuff around.




First Genesis Mining contract: 

SHA256 100 GH/s in June 2016 and earning chart for same is below


Second Genesis Mining contract:

X11 Mining Contract

Later on I went for one more contract which was X11 Mining and my experience with this one isn’t much exciting since the returns are considerably low and I am not thinking about increasing Hashing Power for this one.


Bitcoin Transaction Proof:


Now I am seriously considering for increasing my SHA256 Hashing Power since this had made me optimistic about this model. Looking forward to comments and suggestions.

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